Chris Sheehan is a visionary artist, author and professional tattooer of 15 years.

He approaches tattooing as a transformational art form with the intention to uplift and inspire his clients.

In 2011 Chris began asking himself and his clients questions that would evolve his perspective on tattooing. Some of these included: What is sacred embodiment and sacred tattooing?

  • What powerful benefits can getting tattooed offer spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically?
  • What are key principles and practices that can make a tattoo a life transforming event?
  • What do you need to know before, during and after getting tattooed to enjoy a deeply fulfilling experience?

As a result of this reflection, he realized that a tattoo can truly become a powerful expression of our true selves. If approached mindfully, it can inspire a person to connect more deeply with the essence of their own eternal nature, strength, love and beauty on a daily basis; a visual manifestation of inspired intention.

Chris is dedicated to serving his clients with this intention in mind, where the art of tattooing becomes a profound form of spiritual technology for personal evolution and growth.