What People Are Saying

“At Mountain Temple, Christopher has created a sacred experience.”

I entered into a space where I was safe. It is a space to be. A space to unearth, let go, renew, and grow. My voice was heard throughout the collaboration. Christopher listened, intuitively sensing the full balance of who I am. With thoughtfulness and permission, he took my story into his hands and created art that was more than ink on skin…it was a celebration of soul. His artistry is masterful, a reflection of his visionary mind; but for the heart of the process, he stepped humbly forward as a guide compassionately creating a space to simply experience. This gift allowed me fully to feel, to commit, to understand the ebb and flow of life. The pain (every facet of it) became beautiful. This is me. This was my story. Christopher is truly the human-est of hearts using his words to heal, his art to empower, and his philosophy of transformational tattooing as a catalyst to a brighter understanding of self.